What is Roost

Modern day applications are being built using micro-services within containers. Modern day applications are also being built by distributed teams that work asynchronously. Modern day teams leverage test-driven development and service dependency testing to deliver production-ready applications from Day Zero.

However, as teams bring applications from development to production, they face some key challenges:

Services change with time that need to be managed right

How to make changes without impacting other services

Performance testing of changes

Services themselves change and proliferate over time, and managing these changes over time become complex and expensive

Modern day services are tested using mock services that aren’t true reflection of the production environment and thus lead to longer development time and costs

Improving latency and Integration testing of changes

Roost is an ecosystem that comprises of:

Roost Desktop

A lightweight, multi-cluster full-scale Kubernetes platform for both development and production

Roost Cloud

A headless version suited for cloud deployment as an AMI (or equivalent on other public clouds)

Roost.io SaaS

A control tower that manages all services synchronization

Benefits of Roost:

Each Roost instance can talk to any other Roost instance seamlessly.

Since services collaborate with each other seamlessly, Roost provides high fidelity ways to measure golden signals: latency, signal,saturation, and traffic.

Roost provides a Kubernetes native event management system that tracks message intent, not just telemetry.

Develop, deploy and test services with other Roosters

Manage and resolve service dependency better

Manage and resolve service dependency better

Share upstream and downstream services live

Roost features:

Identical platforms for development and production

GitOps, Docker, Kubernetes tooling built-in

Multi-node full-scale Kubernetes cluster

Ability to clone clusters across environments

Freedom from configuration, network, and tools-related errors

Instantly start observing pods/services

Ability to run workloads across Roost instances/clusters

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